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Anonymous asked: You suck, the only reason people follow you is to see your fat ass and you can't even do that right.


Aww, sounds like a sad day for you.

Well, I tried taking naughty pics with my new princess plug buuuut I can’t get it in.


There may be some naughty pictures in the morning.. 

Just throwing that out there! 

I need a roommate as soon as possible. Weatherford/Fort Worth area. I can’t live in this fucking place anymore. When you have never done anything wrong in your entire like yet every move you make is questioned, it really starts to change you. Now my cousin has to go through the same shit and she’s about to be ripped from dance because of her actions. I can’t live with my father anymore. I walk on eggshells every fucking day. I can’t live in a house trying to save myself and my cousin from being questioned and treated as it everything we so is a cover up for other things. We have no true freedom.










you should probably watch this, and then spread it like wildfire, js

Everyone just needs to watch this video. Because she’s amazing. <3

Ack! Her voice! Listen now. You will not regret it. 

Holy omg.
This is perf.
K? K.
She needs a damn record deal.
Like seriously

Guys legit if this gets 2,000 notes I’m gonna bawl my eyes out….

I’m kind of totally infatuated. 

Every time this starts getting notes again I get this little stir inside of me like… Maybe now- maybe this is the time for me

SOOOOooooOOOOOOooo good.

ok is there a way we can like boost so much that Mary Lambert sees this?

I love this so much!

(via dankiidoll)

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